Monday, March 7, 2022

TWR 42 Is Available Now!

Volume 42 of The Worcester Review is on its way to subscribers. We're thrilled to share this volume's vibrant gathering of poets, writers, and artists with you. 

Cover Art:

Jean Carlos Velez


Jane Zwart
James Miller
R.J. Lambert
Joette Varnado
Margaret Lloyd
Immanuel Mifsud, translated by Ruth Ward
Laura Kenney
Judy Kaber
Amanda Hartzell
Brenda Nicholas
Marisa P. Clark
Jeff Corey
Brittney Corrigan
Ellen June Wright
Moira Linehan
Jennifer L. Freed
Sherri H. Levine
Andrew Vogel
Tim Mayo
Ruby Hansen Murray
Mary Buchinger
Bret Shephard 
Ryan Harper
John Blair
Karen McPherson
Nancy White
Devon Balwit
Kirstin Allio
Ace Boggess
Tom Driscoll
David Troupes
Nora Becker
Anne Barngrover
John Sibley Williams


LĂșa Margita Brau
Siamak Vossoughi,
Sophie Braxton
Catherine Dupree
Devan Collins Del Conte
Casey McConahay

Feature—“Artists in the Archive: Celebrating 25 Years of Creative and Performing Artists and Writers Fellowships at the American Antiquarian Society,” edited by K. A. Wisniewski

Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon 
Tess Taylor
Margaret V. Rozga
Catherine Sasanov
Marianne Petit 
David Mills

B. Eugene McCarthy

Winners of the Frank O’Hara Poetry Prize, judged by Pam Bernard

Dean Gessie
Rhett Watts
Tom Driscoll
Therese Gleason
Jennifer L. Freed
Joyce Schmid,

Winner of the WCPA College Poetry Contest
Christopher McClure