All members of the Worcester County Poetry Association receive a submission to The Worcester Review. Nonmembers can order individual copies via PayPal.

It is our sincere hope that, even if you don't join the WPCA, you will consider supporting the literary journal of your choice. Journals like ours provide an important forum for new literature, a lively and necessary art form. Your membership provides not only the financial support we need, but a vote of confidence that is important to each member of our editorial staff.

We cannot accept subscriptions online at this time. Please see the instructions below to subscribe via traditional mail.

Current Subscription Rates

  1. Individual WCPA Membership or Library subscription: $30
  2. Student, senior citizen, or low-income membership: $12
  3. WCPA Patron (listing on WR patron page): $75
  4. WCPA Benefactor (listing on WR benefactor page): $150
  5. Permanent Endowment managed by Greater Worcester Community Foundation (listing as member of WR Millennium Century Club): $1000

Mailing address of The Worcester Review:

The Worcester Review
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For Email inquiries, contact Diane Mulligan and Kate McIntyre