About The Worcester Review

Since 1972

The Worcester Review is an annual print literary journal published by the Worcester County Poetry Association (WCPA), a non-profit organization formed to promote the writing arts.

The Worcester Review’s founding editor was Michael True. Former editors include Rodger Martin, Cheryl Savageau, Diane Mulligan, and Kate McIntyre. The current editor is Carolyn Oliver.

Mission Statement of The Worcester Review

The Worcester County Poetry Association (WCPA) created the inaugural issue of The Worcester Review (TWR) in 1972. Since then the journal has evolved to celebrate the rich literary history of Central Massachusetts, enhance it with work from beyond that region, and serve as a conduit to promote that richness to a national audience. It has fluctuated between an annual and a semi-annual journal since its founding. Using the bylaws of the WCPA as guide, TWR often features an aspect of the cultural history of the Greater Worcester region, that is, having a connection with Central New England. TWR also publishes the winners of the WCPA contests for area and member poets and also publishes critical essays with a Central New England reference. A major task of the editors is to select work for publication, drawn locally and across the globe from open submissions so that its readers become acquainted with the world of poetry within and beyond the Worcester area. The editorial board is designed to balance those who have established a history of creative work and those who have established a history of critical work. In this way the work we publish reflects a consensus of those views. Finally, with the supplement of a full-color section to its pages, TWR will also strive to showcase the work of regional visual artists.