What happens at The Review in the summer?

The Worcester Review is an annual publication. So you might be wondering, what exactly do we do to keep busy all year long? Turns out one of the reasons publishing is such a slow industry is that it takes a long time to prepare, design, and layout an issue. In the months of May and June, those are the primary tasks around here. Yesterday, my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Worcester Academy to take some photos for the 2013 Feature Section on Cole Porter. It wasn’t as glamorous as a photo shoot for Glamour, but it was cool to see the memorabilia. Photographing other photos (faded, fragile, and framed photos at that) did prove a challenge. Here’s a peek inside the action.

We can’t wait for the publication to appear this fall so we can share all the stories and images that Frank Callahan, Worcester Academy’s historian, shared with us. Coming this fall!

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