TWR 41 on its way to subscribers

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Volume 41 of The Worcester Review is now on its way to subscribers far and wide, and our excitement about the issue’s publication is tempered by sad news: we have just learned of the passing of a feature contributor, Soren Ambrose, of complications from COVID.

The feature this year, edited by Josna E. Rege and Ross Griffiths, spotlights the social justice work and poetry of South African anti-apartheid activist Dennis Brutus. Below please find the table of contents for the feature and Ambrose’s remembrance of Brutus, co-written with his wife Njoki Njehu. If you would like read more about Soren Ambrose’s life and work. We at The Worcester Review send our condolences to Soren Ambrose’s family and friends.

FEATURE SECTION: “Stubborn Hope”: Dennis Brutus’s Poetry and Persistence through Hard Times

  • Josna E. Rege and Ross Griffiths, Introduction
  • Tyrone August, Dennis Brutus: The Making of the Man
  • Carol J. Gray, “Think of them, the people who are not free”: Politics, Poetry, and Political Asylum
  • Craig McLuckie, Dennis Brutus, The Stubborn Siren
  • Beverly Bell, Dennis Brutus: A Small Tribute to a Giant Man
  • Njoki Njehu and Soren Ambrose, Remembering Dennis Brutus, Passionate Activist
  • Ross Griffiths, The Dennis Brutus Collection at Worcester State University
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